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A Big Rumble Out West was the first full length solo CD I wrote and recorded ( fourteen songs ) and was released to family and friends November 7th 2010 and to the public at Still Water Books and Art on Saturday November 27th. Thanks to Trevor and Ruth for hosting the event.

The songs fall in the 'traditional country' genre and reflect experiences of family life. They are sure to appeal to anyone who has ever been a parent or a son or daughter; songs that everyone can relate to.

I had some good friends, old ones and new ones, help on the album including Bill Young who co-produced it, Robert (Bob) Winquist, who I've known since the teen years and now lives in England, played fiddle on several tracks, Dallas Carrie played drums, Amy Lelliott vocals, Bill Young played guitar, Dave Hayward, also in England, played pedal steel, Dave Blinzinger, alto sax and a guest appearance by Ross Watson who played brushes on Let's Step Out Awhile.  Thanks to all of you.

Several of the pieces from the album have become instrumental tracks for film and tv.

The album will be available in January 2017

The second CD is an EP called A Secret Quartet and consists of four songs that are performed by other singers.  It was first released on June 21st 2011. 
  This album  will be available in January 2017.  The Promise is now on the music site- cut number ten

Songs on this album are:

1. Maybe You’re In There:  I wrote this song in 1982 with lyricist Dave Richardson (Wildflower). On " A Secret Quartet",a singer from Campbell River, Rose Decook accompanied by Chris Coon on guitar sings her version of the song.

2. Let’s Dream Tonight: This song features Norm Watson.  He was a well known country singer in Victoria, B.C. for many years.  This song was recorded at Legacy studios in Victoria in 1985-6.  He is accompanied by Cindy Church on vocals and  Nathan Tinkem on electric guitar. Cindy is presently in a band called Lunch at Allen's and Nathan divides his time, playing guitar, between the Gulf Islands and Mexico - way to go Nathan!

3. The Promise: This song features my wife Lorill playing flute and longtime friend Rob Carriere on vocals.  Graham Edwards plays bass guitar on this version.

4.The Promise Reprise: An instrumental version of The Promise done in a very different style than the vocal version.  The song features Bill Young on electric guitar, VP (Kai) Taylor on bass, Amanda Rogers on drums and James Vining piano and keyboards.



ALBUM NUMBER THREE!  Collin and James: Live at Jimmy Ling's
Featuring Collin Massie on guitar and James Vining on piano. It's a collection of ten classic songs from the all American song book. 
Song number nine on the music page is from the album: The Days of Wine and Roses. 
The album is available now at the Music Pant and Sundance Java Bar.  

Unfortunately right now, there is a limited number of songs available on the music page but by January 2017, the music page will host all of these albums and individual songs will be available for download. 



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